Healthcare Law Attorney

Hansary Laforest is a trial attorney representing healthcare practitioners and healthcare related entities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. As a former prosecutor with years of trial experience, Hansary Laforest handles every client’s legal matter with diligence and confidentiality. Whether you’re a medical practitioner or a medical device manufacturer, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. Hansary Laforest provides dedicated legal representation and in a way that’s reasonably priced for you and your practice.



Health Care Fraud

Representing physicians, nurse practitioners, and home health agencies facing health care fraud allegations or investigations, including Stark and Anti-Kickback allegations.


Computer & Internet Crime

Handling federal and state criminal charges including as computer fraud, hacking, unauthorized access and trespass, identity theft, wire fraud & mail fraud, and child pornography.

Asset Forfeiture & Seizure

Challenging police seizures of private property and assets in asset forfeiture cases, including cars, cash, homes, land, and other property.



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Device Maker and Doctor Consultation Agreements: Tread Lightly

For medical device manufacturers or doctors seeking to enter into a consultation agreement, its important to be very wary of the legal problems posed by the arrangement. These contracts come under heavy scrutiny from the government for Anti-Kickback violations, being aware of these issues is absolutely vital before entering these agreements. The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute
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Quit v. Fired – Unemployment When Your Employer Actually Fired You, But Says You Quit

Have you ever been fired, but your boss forces you to sign a document that states that you resigned instead? Or have you ever been terminated by your manager after your manager misinterprets your dissatisfaction with the job as a resignation? One of the more distressing types of unemployment cases are the ones where an
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