Dallas Asset Forfeiture & Seizure Attorney

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Dallas Asset Forfeiture & Seizure Attorney

If your vehicle, money, jewelry, electronics, land, or other property was seized by police, they may be able to keep it permanently under asset forfeiture laws. Asset forfeiture is the legal process where police and prosecutors may repossess and claim ownership over your and your family’s property. Under Texas and federal law, police may confiscate property and keep it if that the property is connected to any illegal activity. Unlike criminal cases where you must be proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” for the government to punish you, the police may seize your property seize your property without having to prove any guilt of a crime. In fact, a property owner doesn’t even have to be accused of a crime in order for the government to confiscate his or her property. Because of this, the police may legally compel you to give up your right to various forms of property. This property includes:

• Cars & trucks
• Boats
• Homes
• Buildings
• Bank Accounts
• Land

They may also be able to confiscate anything inside the property seized, such as:

• Your cash
• Your jewelry
• Your electronics

If the police have confiscated your property or your family’s property, it’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. There are crucial deadlines for challenging the police seizure, and missing those deadlines may prevent you from getting your property back. Also, an attorney may be able to successfully negotiate obtaining your property back.

Hansary Laforest provides the vital, low-cost representation you need if your property has been seized. His representation includes contacting the appropriate authorities, negotiating with government the return of your assets, and if need be, challenging the seizure in court. Most importantly, he can handle your case for an affordable and reasonable price. Call Hansary Laforest anytime, day or night, or a free consultation.